Sunday, June 17

One For the Blogs

This Father's Day was spiced up during Sunday School class when Barb starting to feel a lot of pain in her left arm and nausea. A quick trip home and then to the hospital for tests made for some good memories.

1. All tests were negative and a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, which is an enigmatic, we-don't-really-know-what-causes-it-for-sure condition.

2. We got to meet nurse Monica, daughter-in-law to a friend of ours. She was so sweet and took great care of Barb.

3. Liz came by with a huge bottle of Anacin for me since I was getting a headache. We went to the cafeteria and chatted awhile about her fiance, Ryan. Turns out he's in a genius category according to his family. But very, very quiet.

4. I got to watch about 8 local firemen figure out how to extricate a woman who was stuck in one of the elevators. Took about an hour for this drama to end. Talked to Bryan (fire chief and friend) afterwards. He said they get these calls frequently in old AND new buildings, including where Liz works at the old courthouse.

Oh, I also got to take a morning walk just after sunrise and got this shot of a flowering mimosa. Yes, this was a day to remember, even if I didn't get that big Father's Day dinner and had a hospital hotdog instead!

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