Monday, September 3

The Demise of Roadside Art

Old Hwy 99 that streamed through here until the freeway was built, drove the motel business through the roof. Roadside restaurants opened and thrived. But most of the old stuff has been abandoned, replaced or in disrepair.

Some of the vintage signage remains above the pavement, preserving a mid-twentieth century style that will soon disintegrate and vanish with most things nostalgic. We have a book that sits on the coffee table to entertain our 'older' friends. The author traversed America, looking for those special neon and oddly shaped signs to photograph. You've probably seen a few of them in your travels as well.

An era has ended. Take those pictures! Your grandkids will get a good laugh out of them.

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  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Is the Far East picture from a local taken photo or is it from your book? I remember a great Chinese restaurant by that name is Grand Junction Colorado. Hope you are seeing some cooler weather by now.
    Your San Antonio Fan