Thursday, September 27

Shocky Racoon

Last night's big adventure began with Liz being stared down by a huge racoon that had jumped onto our roof. Tempted by the neighbor's catfood and our cat's waterbowl, this errant creature was probably looking for dessert --- maybe some pigeon eggs or pigeon parents, which are common in our area (but not at our address).

So how does a racoon find itself in the middle of a city of 300,000 people? Pretty easy if you have rivers, lakes, levees, train tracks and huge parks.

The girls let me sleep while they trailed it to the neighbor's front porch. But then it scooted back over (under?) our fence into the backyard. I didn't hear about it until this morning or I would have snapped a picture of the critter (the one above was borrowed from the Internet). Maybe we'll go coon hunting tonight with Angel!

Life goes on. Expect some excitement here and there.

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