Saturday, September 15

This Stingy Heart in a Smallish World

Electrical technology in the form of the Internet has certainly transformed our once wide-world into a one-click-away existence.

Liz just called wanting to know the address of the Burlington Coat Factory in Modesto. Clicking from an article on Providential Preservation of the New Testament to my home page (Google) and entering Burlington Coat Factory Modesto, the first hit included its address and a map of all surrounding streets and freeways. Took maybe 30 seconds. She is driving through Modesto, calls me and I become her online 'operator' for less than a minute. Pretty cool and revolutionary compared to the world we grew up in just a few short years ago.

Unfortunately, this profusion of knowledge leads to a delusion of knowledge that says, "Technology brings the power of total independence. Why do I need you when I have the Internet, MacDonalds, a Hummer, HDTV and and iPod?" And the ultimate delusion when we ask, "Why do I need God?"

The Old Testament prophesy in the Book of Daniel about 'knowledge shall increase' in the last days certainly rings true if it includes secular intelligence. Judgment may be around the corner. In fact, it's here: God has given us up to a love of pornography, unnatural lust, adultery, hatred, murder, stealing, laziness, caring only about ourselves and the endless list of those things God hates.

Here's one of the best messages I've heard on why we need a Savior.

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