Sunday, September 9


My poor fingers after cleaning are transformed from a completely oily black to a semblance of normal, except for the the nicely framed fingernails and bloody scrapes. The two month wait for parts and repair of the old Chevy pickup is over finally. An eight hour stretch of replacing the cylinder head, exhaust, carb, and disconnected electrical stuff ended in success (to a point). The mechanic apparently used another head he found and the spark plug holes are too small for my original plugs to be tightened with a socket. Won't fit. He'll get a call tomorrow!

But it runs (plier tightened plugs notwithstanding). Timing needs correcting a bit. Minor valve cover and hose leak. That's all so far. Emphasis on 'so far'.

Thank you, Lord, for the wisdom, strength and perseverance to finish this job, in spite of laziness and indecision along the way.

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