Saturday, March 6

Hidalgo Hype

Everyone is making a big deal about Frank T. Hopkins' bio
about his life adventures. Hopefully, the effort (and there
has been MUCH of it) to debunk the 'legend' won't give the
boot to these fabrications. If nothing else, Hopkins was a
great storyteller, the John Grisham of his day (1930's), giving the
folks exactly what they wanted --- pure entertainment.

I'm not excusing his sin of lying and stretching the
truth. We'll all give account to God for each and every word
we say ("But I say unto you, That every idle word that men
shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of
judgment." --- Jesus). Too bad Frank felt compelled to fool
the public just to make a name for himself.

Anyway, we've just seen the movie. Pretty good
scriptwriting, great music, nice photography, superb
costuming, and wonderful acting EXCEPT for the main character,
whose cardboard lines and presentation probably ruin it for
a lot of viewers. The storyline is predictable, but engaging.
Overall, I would raise the 1-star rating to 3 if you're one who
roots for the underdog, doesn't like gratuitous sex or
swearing, and loves a good horse race. This movie grabbed
me much more than Seabiscuit.

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