Saturday, March 6

True Fibs

Today we'll meander a few blocks to the theatre so wifie can
see the new movie, Hidalgo. Says it's based on a true story.
OOOOKKKAAAYYY. According to the History Channel, all efforts
were made to track down the truth of this adventure.
All dead ends. Nothing could be substantiated.

When you see "Based on a True Story" figure in the poetic license.

Ditto "The Passion of the Christ." This story is loosely based on
the Bible and more exactly based on the book by Anne Catherine
Emmerich. This Roman Catholic nun's 18th century visions and
apparitions led her to write "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord
Jesus Christ," which Mel Gibson venerates.
Many of the extra-biblical scenes and dialogue originated
from this book. Please do your homework before seeing or giving
wholehearted approval of this movie.

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