Saturday, March 6

The Perfect P & S

My eyes automatically scan for black plastic.
Flea market cacophony blares its wares.
I don't like paying over $3 for a point and shoot.
Most of them don't work, don't work well, or have lousy lenses.

But today's search was worth it:
An 80's vintage Nikon One Touch in almost mint condition. $3.
Cleaned it up, double-A'd it, popped in ASA 200 and started shooting.
Sounds like a tank grinding away in a WWII documentary.

Looked online for a free manual, but have to pay about $10.
No way. I've figured it out on my own anyway.
I especially like the feature of pre-focusing on something,
freezing the focus, composing, then shooting.
Reviews online rate its lens as sharper than most 2004 cameras.

We'll see after the first roll is drugstored for me.

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