Sunday, March 21

The Underdog Thing

It's the underdog thing. The gut-wrenching hunger for a major
upset. The lion-roaring desire to see the mouse play the man.
The hope that your David is going to win against their Goliath.

I remember the dropped-jaw reaction to my team going
to the finals in 1967. The unheard of UTEP. That's El Paso back
in the 60's when coach Haskins nurtured a bunch of nobodies to
become the greats that spring.

This year's players include more of the little guys in another home
team, the UOP Tigers from Stockton, CA. After upsetting Providence,
they're now playing Kansas with 1 minute to go. Getting kicked a bit.
Behind 18 points. But who cares if they lose. Not me. They made it this
far and there are no regrets. Not after 30+ years of trying to make it
and getting this far.

God says the angels in heaven rejoice when someone repents and
trusts in Christ for salvation. The ultimate underdog victory.

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