Sunday, May 21

Jack and the Bluejay

This is no mutual admiration society. It's the fur against feathers ritual that's played out daily worldwide.

Our feathered friend has been appropriately harrassing furry Jack for the past few days. Jack would lay on the sidewalk by the house and calmly twitch his tail while being scolded by Mr. Jay from the lawn. Closer and closer came the bird, hopping here and there, flying to the roof gutter for a better vantage, then back to the lawn. Jack remained unmoved and disinterested . . . until this morning.

Fed up with the scowling, our brave little lion climbed the birch and tried his darnedest to launch a retaliatory assault, but could barely keep his balance. In fact, one blunder found him hanging from his two front paws, rear legs dangling. A bit of monkey bars expertise and he pawed his way over to the tree trunk to get a safer grip. Poor guy!

There are those things in life that keep nagging at us. We don't pay much attention to them at first, but they get closer and louder and finally unbearable. Then we react with heated abandon and find ourselves hanging by our two paws, trying to find a place to stand again. Better to use a good set of earplugs and deal gently with the disturbance. Or sometimes it's just better to walk away and shut the door behind us.

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