Wednesday, May 10

Thirty Five Years

It will soon be our 35th anniversary celebration in another week or so. I'm looking forward to looking backward over all the years and remembering the winding road to 2006. This is a picture of Jacob and Rachel, of Old Testament fame. Rachel was the love of his life and there is quite a story about their wedding night you just have to read if you missed it! Genesis 29.

After Jacob's son, Joseph, is sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph lands in prison after being falsely accused of adultery. In time, he's brought before Pharoah in Egypt and interprets a dream. Pharaoh makes him prime minister, so he sends for his family in Canaan. Old Jacob is brought before Pharoah and says, "Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life." He was 130 years old at that time, but not as old as his ancestors had been. He had experienced great love and great sorrow.

Getting old with the one who is your life-long love is one of this world's greatest blessings.

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